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Design & Development

Website Design For Aesthetics

Whilst onboarding we will send you a questionnaire that asks everything that we need about your new website to start building it for you.



We build your new website to completion of the first draft to which we then open up any revisions that you may have that you would like to make to your website. Included in our package you have unlimited revisions.



Once the onboarding process is complete we then start on building your new website.

Project Commence


After you have made as many revisions as you would like to your new website and are ready to go live, we handle the domain connection and publishing process for you.



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More To Know About Working With Us



So you can track the progress of your project

Management Period

So you don't need to worry about your website

Unlimited Revisions

So you can make as many changes as you like

1 Year Free Domain

So the first year of your new domain is on us

Flexible Communication

So you can contact us whenever you like

  • Absolutely, yes! Whilst we are building your website we will either send you a brand new tracking link that will be exclusive to you which will allow you to track the website LIVE as we build it.


    Or if we are logging in to your account to redesign your website then you are able to hop into the website whenever you feel like it and check in on the progress!

  • Not to worry! Included in the price that we charge, you receive unlimited revisions! This means that you can suggest edits and changes as many times as you like! At 0 extra cost! We will continue to edit and change your website until you are 101% happy and we will never end the project until so!


    Please note, that this will of course prolong the finish date as the more edits that we make, the longer it will take to complete everything which can push the completion date further back due to the time we would spend re-editing and making amendments.

  • The point of the questionnaire is so that we are able to understand as much about your website build as possible without having the multiple meetings in between to learn about your wants and design preferences.


    In the questionnaire we will give you a whole load of design inspirations for you to choose from, ranging from creative, fun, minimal, monochrome, colourful, high-end, designer inspired, so on and so forth.


    We also ask questions about the pages that you would like on the website, the images that you would like on the website, how you take bookings, whether you would like to keep your current colours scheme or let us choose a new one for you and much more!


    If you would prefer to have meetings instead of the questionnaire then that is totally fine too! We can either have a zoom meeting or a phone call and we can go over the same questions with you there - the choice is yours!

  • The window for the first completed draft for your review is 1-3 weeks. So if you are totally happy with the first completed draft and have 0 suggestions or amendments that you would like to make then your website will be built and published to the world within that time window.


    If you would like to make amendments and suggestions for edits then this can prolong the completion date depending on how large or how small the list of edits is.

  • We take all of our payments via Stripe. Stripe is one of the worlds leading payment gateways used by companies such as ASOS, Amazon, Google, Deliveroo, Shopify, Zoom & more.


    Upon payment we will send you over a simple payment link via Stripe that can be paid via your phone, ipad, laptop or any device of your choice.


    Along with the payment link we will send you an invoice for your records and once the payment has been received and completed we will send you a receipt for proof of payment for your records.

  • Never. We will never build your website like another client of ours. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with creative and innovative design languages and styles bespoke to your brand.


    We will design your website bespoke to your branding, your personality and the way you have positioned your brand to your customers.

  • We're young so we are always on our phones! We beleive that a successful relationship with a client is derived from efficient, positive & helpful communication.


    We aim to respond to your messages within the hour that you send them to us.


    We use Whatsapp primarily to communicate with you - if this doesn't suit you then we also are totally fine with using other methods such as, iMessage, Text, Facebook, Instagram, Email & more.


    We will never leave you in the dark and will provide constant updates on your project.

  • Before, during or after your revamp we are open for calls!


    You can call Jamie, at 07960272687 whenever you need to!

  • Included in the price we are on standby for 1-12 months from the completion date to fix any problems, amend any pages and just in general manage your website!


    Rest assured that we are here for you!

  • No. It can only add to it. We take all of the measures that we possibly can to keep your SEO untouched.


    We will only look to add to your SEO by using our knowledge to fill in any gaps that you or your previous web designer may have missed such as changing the alt tags, enhancing the meta descriptions, editing image titles and so on.

  • These are the best ways to contact Jamie in order from the most to least efficient for a response;


    Phone/Text/WhatsApp: 07960272687


    Instagram: @ashroseagency

    Facebook: Ashrose Agency


"We worked with Jamie who built us a great website, sorted our Google listing, and helped us with our initial branding and social media campaigns. 18 months on and we are getting more enquiries and website traffic month on month. He’s always fast to get back to you and knows his stuff. Highly recommended."

Paul, Skin Appeal Aesthetics

"I can highly recommend Jamie's work ethic, skill set & overall attitude when it comes to promoting aesthetics. Jamie works day & night to get projects completed on time & to a really high standard. He always answers his phone & will talk you through any queries you have in a manner that is easy to understand. if you are looking for someone to promote your aesthetics business then Jamie can help"

Michelle, The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

“I'd like to thank Jamie for the work he did with us. After using many marketing companies & not getting much back in return, I was cautious about using another company. Jamie spent a lot of time with us in the clinic, giving us ideas. He understands the analytics of social media & is able to target posts to the right people at the right time. Highly recommend. Thanks Jamie"

Sian, The Cosmetik Clinic

Individual Website Package

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Pages

2024 Modern Design

SEO Optimised

1 Year Management [included]

Aesthetics Copywriting


Split Your Payment Across 3 Months

I totally understand that £999 can be a large amount to part with at once, so I offer a 3 month split payment plan of totally equal amounts.

3 interest free payments of £333 spread across the span of 3 months from the start date.


Paul, Skin Appeal Aesthetics

"We worked with Jamie who built us a great website, sorted our Google listing, and helped us with our initial branding and social media campaigns. 18 months on and we are getting more enquiries and website traffic month on month. He’s always fast to get back to you and knows his stuff. Highly recommended."

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