The ASHROSE Founder



Founder & Client Manager

I'm Jamie. I am a 21 year old, serial business owner based in the UK. I am the founder of 4 tech based businesses, Ashrose Agency being one of them.

I have been in the business world since the age of 15 and have had a business ever since.

Within the marketing industry I have gained over 4 years of experience - I am the perfect balance of experienced and young so that I know exactly what the social media generation wants.

I have worked with large quantities of Aesthetics clinics and have spoken to even more clinic owners. From speaking to so many I quickly realised exactly what owners wanted from a marketing agency and what they didn't want. Using this knowledge I have specifically moulded Ashrose Agency to be the exact marketing agency that clinic owners want to work with, everything from affordable pricing to 24/7 customer service.