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Content creation is vitally important. When we started working with TCC we understood that they had a larger following yet had no feed layout or design. With this many eyeballs hitting the page everyday we knew that it was important to get the feed to look sparkling.



We kept it within the black and silver theme throughout. Combining that with ice white images of inside the clinic and eventually moving on to posting more and more of the before and afters and client testimonials.

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Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

We take copywriting very seriously as there is nothing more off putting than incorrect grammar and spelling, especially when making a first impression. For TCC we stayed in the informative lane when it came to captions. The audience was very receptive to that since that is what TCC were posting when they gained all of their followers, so we thought, “why change something that isn’t broken”

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We were in charge of the Facebook, Instagram & eventually the TikTok. 

We keep it professional across all platforms and stay consistent with stories, posts and replying to comments

We are in charge of filming all content, editing all content, posting and typing up all of the content. We do it all.

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“I'd like to thank Jamie for the work he did with us. After using many marketing companies & not getting much back in return, I was cautious about using another company. Jamie spent a lot of time with us in the clinic, giving us ideas. He understands the analytics of social media & is able to target posts to the right people at the right time. Highly recommend. Thanks Jamie" 

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