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We were in charge of running the paid advertising campaigns with increased focus on driving messages sent to the page.


As per Facebook's new IOS 14 update, messages results are no longer displayed. So we can only estimate how many messages were brought to the page from the ads.

We spent a total of £60 and brought back (our estimate) between 25-30 leads

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In the example you can see what the Instagram feed was like before and after we took over.


We were in charge of posting, caption writing and hashtag management. After we had our meeting before services commenced at the start of our partnership we discussed what style of feed GBA wanted.

We gave them options of styles that included a variation of treatment images, quotes, educational posts etc but GBA opted for the standard treatment posts only.

So with no content creation to make we simply posted treatment images however we made sure to make them as clean as possible on the feed so we added white boarders behind every image to space the images out and make the feed look less cluttered.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 6 Image 4




Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

We take copywriting very seriously as there is nothing more off putting than incorrect grammar and spelling, especially when making a first impression.

For GBA we had majority of informational and education captions to inform the reader on the treatments

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