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We were in charge of running the paid advertising campaigns with increased focus on driving messages sent to the page, we achieved these goals with flying colours.


As per Facebooks iOS 14 update Facebook no longer display exactly how many messages were brought from the ad.


However we counted manually and brought over 60 message enquiries and roughly 30 comments on the actual ad post as you can see in the image.

For this we spent a total of £130

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Content is a key fundamental to a clinic's social media as it forms the first impression of the viewers who are also your potential customers. 

On average it takes a person 7 times to recover from a bad first impression on you.


This means that if your social media presence isn't up to the insanely high standards that people naturally hold in their heads nowadays then these potential customers are likely to form to a negative first impression on your brand and will move swiftly on to your competitor who has hired professionals like us to handle their social media for them.

A blurry post taken from google doesn't suffice in 2021 with all of the noise from competitors.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 4 Image 4


As well as creating the content we were also in charge of posting the content to the social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and then managing the content. 

We gave our client the option of 3 different styles of feed layouts and AMA decided to go for the checkerboard style. 

They gave us full reigns with the design process of the content posts so we went for a light, modern theme whilst still including their brand colours of gold, grey and white.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 4 Image 5




Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

For AMA we decided to go for a toned down approach. Keeping the captions punchy but minimal. We achieved this goal with ease. We made sure that we were directly targeting the audience and kept them informed.

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