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Ashrose Marketing Case Study 3 Image 1
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Before we started anything we sent AJE a feed mockup example in their colours using a post that we created for them and one of their treatment images.

Of course this was just an example, we did not post the same 2 images over and over again haha!

AJE wanted to change the colour scheme in the 1st mockup example that we sent, so we did that and came back with this final example that you can see. 

AJE were happy with the completed example and gave us the go ahead with the posting.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 3 Image 3




With AJE we decided to go for a loud background with a simple white box over the top. We repeated this as it keeps the checkerboard theme consistent yet stylish.


We had sent examples to AJE of feed layouts before starting and AJE decided to go for the checkerboard theme.

As we see a lot with clients!

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 3 Image 5


As well as creating the content we were also in charge of posting the content to the social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and then managing the content. 

We noticed that their feed before we took over was very random and the colours were too harsh. With this in mind we had an exact idea of what goal we wanted to achieve with the feed layout and I am happy that we achieved those goals.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study 3 Image 6




Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

We take copywriting to heart. We make sure that we never make spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar. As you can, the captions were friendly, relaxed yet informational. A classic balance!

We aimed our writing at the audience as we do with all of our clients and is very important for every clinic to do so as Aesthetics is a very personal industry.

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