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TSRC decided to go for our Complete Package. Which means that we were providing them with everything social media: -Social Media Paid Advertising, -Social Media Management, -Social Media Content Creation & everything in between. Below you will see what we achieved and some of the content that we created.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study Image 1
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We were in charge of running the paid advertising campaigns with increased focus on post engagement and driving messages sent to the page, we achieved these goals with flying colours.


Here are a few examples of some of the results that we have gotten for TSRC (you can view more on our ‘Results’ page). We were able achieve a large amount of local traffic via the messenger ad campaign. The average treatment price for TSRC is £300 and we were bringing them local, interested leads for as low as £1.43 each!

Ashrose Marketing Case Study Image 3




Content creation is vital. As shown in the images on this case study, we tried a few different content strategy approaches, 1, heavy on video of treatments and 2, heavy on more engaging and creative posts. We made it an absolute priority to stay ‘on brand’ with content that we provided.

We posted 7 days a week with the utmost quality of attention to detail. Our expert copywriter never fails to bring a touch of class yet personal approach to their writing.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study Image 4


As well as creating the content we were also in charge of posting the content to the social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and then managing the content. 

We had countless different strategies when it came to posting, strategies that were focussed on engaging, educating or driving sales. All of which we achieved. We take the content very seriously and pride ourselves on consistency and staying aligned with the branding.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study Image 5




Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

We take copywriting very seriously as there is nothing more off putting than incorrect grammar and spelling, especially when making a first impression. For TSRC we had a mixture of informative and more personal captions. Our content ranged from new treatment announcements, to memes, to in depth skincare tips and tutorials. Our copywriter had no trouble adapting to each style of writing and understood the tonality of which to use when addressing the audience perfectly.

Ashrose Marketing Case Study Testimonial Image 1

“I can highly recommend Jamie's work ethic, skill set & overall attitude when it comes to promoting aesthetics. Jamie has an uncanny skill in creating content for Facebook & Instagram using ads manager & Google ads. Jamie works day & night to get projects completed on time & to a really high standard. He always answers his phone & will talk you through any queries you have in a manner that is easy to understand. if you are looking for someone to promote your aesthetics business then Jamie can help”

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