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We were in charge of running the paid advertising campaigns with increased focus on driving phone calls and general enquiries to their website


We didn't use Facebook or Instagram at all for AA. We used Google Ads. As of present the ads are still in their learning phase so we are still working on getting them perfect. 

So not much to talk about here.. yet.

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Content creation is vital. As you can see based off of the example we posted a fair amount of content creation posts. This is because the clinic that we worked with didn't have a lot of treatment images so to compensate we created creative imagery in between.

We posted 5 days a week with the utmost quality of attention to detail. We aimed for a combination of educational posts and quotes.

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As well as creating the content we were also in charge of posting the content to the social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and then managing the content. 

We had countless different strategies when it came to posting, strategies that were focussed on engaging, educating or driving sales. We take the content very seriously and pride ourselves on consistency and staying aligned with the branding.

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Our expert copywriter with a A* English written skills never fails to deliver informative yet vibrant and engaging captions for our clients.​

For AA we went for a subtle combination of educational yet vibrant caption writing.

Based on what we could say that had previously worked well for AA, we stuck to their way of doing it and kept the captions clean with 0 emojis and a direct style of writing.

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